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Attributes of an Aquarius is one of the most enlightening books that I've read in a long time. Ashly's words are as thought provoking as they are uplifting which makes it a necessity not only for poetry lovers, but for lovers of inspiration as well.


In this chaotic world, it is nice to slow down and soak up poetic words. In this anthology, you can hear author, Ashly Smith's voice as she ponders significant events and people in her life. Each poem is prefaced by an introduction that describes her state of mind while writing and offers the reader a frame of reference while he/she absorbs each line. My personal favorites are "Grandmother's Soul" and "The First," mainly because I could see my own story while reading those poems.


In ATTRIBUTES OF AN AQUARIUS, penned by nationally recognized writer and poet Ashly Elizabeth Smith, the reader is taken on a magical journey of real life experiences and observations. These Experiences and observations are masterfully crafted and blended by Ashly's ever present optimistic outlook for the future! Ashly's positive words and unique writing style will truly delight the reader!






1. How did you first get interested in poetry?  

I have always kept diaries, or as many would call them, journals, since I was a little kid.  I've found that writing was always a better outlet to express my feelings as opposed to speaking with someone. For example, if someone asked how my day was, I would never fully express it. Sometimes, the person that you are speaking with isn't a good listener, and may not actually care. At least, that  describes some of my experiences. Despite this, holding things in, especially when they are bothering you, is never a good thing. It becomes pent up hostility, which can be detrimental to a person's health.  This is why writing will always remain important to me. It’s a great way to release.


2. What does writing poetry do for you personally?

Its therapeutic for me. It always gives me the chance to express my feelings freely without being judged or criticized. It also gives me the strength to open doors that freely closed before.


3. Are you interested in other kinds of writing? If so, what other writing projects are you conducting or involved with?

I have been blessed with the opportunity to write for various publications including the Examiner and CBS Local. With my strong pop culture background,  I love to creating articles that inspire as well as entertain.  As a columnist for Graffiti on the Wall Magazine, I create articles and also conduct interviews with both rising stars and prominent figures within the hip hop industry. Besides the other publications that I write for and have written for, poetry is actually my thing. Despite this, I have considered given fiction a try. It seems to coincide well with my vivid imagination (laughs).


4. What other hobbies and interests do you have?  

I love staying active. Exercising, cooking, catching a good movie, occasional shopping, and listening to music, which I find almost as therapeutic as my writing. When I fuse the two together, it’s the perfect way to shut the world out and escape into my own universe.


5. What do you hope to achieve with your writing?

To teach my readers the importance of empowering themselves when others refuse to do so.  When creating my books, my impetus is always to be one who inspires and uplifts, through sharing numerous experiences that we all deal with, from tests of faith, to personal sorrow and triumph. While serving as a guide for those who have lost the way, I also strive to paint a lyrical picture of the cogent heart that it takes to attain the gold at rainbow's end.


6. What advice do you have for aspiring poets and writers?

That no matter how bleak things seem, quitting is not an option when it comes to pursuing your dreams.


7. What should we look out for from you in the future?

Definitely more books! I have much more inspiration to share since I'm still learning every day.


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